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I'd like to see all the items provided in the first bullet point from page 2 of the Reservation System Fit/Gap analysis on the website.  That is: "background documentation provided by Kitsap Transit, including details on prior work and previously drafted requirements."

 2. Approach

 To develop this Fit/Gap Analysis, we took the following steps:

  • Reviewed background documentation provided by Kitsap Transit,including details on prior work and previously drafted requirements;
  • Conducted unstructured in-person rider intercepts on Tuesday,July 24 2018 and in conjunction provided an online form to capture comments from additional riders;
  • Drew upon our own experience using the reservation system;
  • Reviewed historical customer feedback provided to Kitsap Transit Customer Service;and
  • Interviewed KT staff from numerous departments about their experience with the current system and their unmet needs that need to be addressed in a future system.


April 30, 2019 via email


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May 15, 2019, 8:49am
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2018 03 14 Patterns in RocketRez data.pdf
About Reservations 061617Final.docx
Fast Ferry Reservations Report 8-1-18 to 8-3-18.pdf
Fast Ferry Reservations Report.pdf
FF Reservation System Requirments 122816.docx
Highlights from Customer Survey on Rez.pdf
Reservation System Requirements from RFP.pdf
Rez System Update 2018.06.06.pdf
Web Reservation Modification Project 2018 v2.pdf
May 15, 2019, 8:49am
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